I give honor to my Daddy, not just today, but each and every day. It is not an easy thing for a man to raise his children on his own. The compassion needed for a daughter like me. The strength needed to be a single parent. The wisdom to know just what to do, in various situations… Yeah, Daddy did it all… When I speak with him now, and he reflects, he doesn’t feel as though he knew what he was doing at all. He says it took lots of prayer. But from the eyes of a young girl – he was my protector, my provider, my confidant, an ear, an advisor, my very best friend – he is my Daddy!

We don’t speak as often as I would like, nowadays… But, I suppose we speak as often as we should. This is the first time in over a decade I was able to see my Daddy for Father’s Day – to hug him, tell him, “I love you.” For those that get to see your Dad’s regularly, I pray you never take for granted the gift to see your Dad. As I witnessed two young boys say “Goodbye” and bury their Dad yesterday… Reminiscing upon the final lesson that their Dad taught them, I recalled the lessons that my own Dad has taught me throughout the years, and continues to teach me. We are never too old to stop learning, never to old to stop needing our Daddy.

Usually, I would honor the different men that have influenced my life in such a way… But today, I give homage to my Daddy. In the wake of such an unexpected loss, I can only see the man who has been there for me through my ups and downs. The man who loves me unconditionally. The man who has watched me fail, succeed, fall, get back up, and loved me all the while – My Daddy!

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