Connected v Disengaged

We live in such a wonderful time, where we are more connected than we have ever been. Living in Washington and communicating with family in Florida, California, and Japan – sometimes altogether! I can’t help but appreciate the current state of our connectivity. Still, something grieves me, for as connected as we are, we have become so disengaged from one another.

Yes, I am that Mom who’s children all have iPhones – not the latest and there are rules. Phones are never allowed at the dinner table for any reason, myself included. Because, yes, for every meal that is consumed in the home, we eat at the dinner table, no television, with healthy conversation. Call me old school. This is one way I choose to connect with my children.

So, I’m what they call an “Extroverted Introvert.” The struggle is real! People who aren’t very close to me never believe me when I say that I’m an introvert, they just see the extroverted aspect of my personality, never realizing how much that truly takes out of me! So, as much as I love people, and being around people – people take a lot out of me! I end up exhausted or sick – like ill! So, imagine, trying to connect in a social situation when I’m like, “I would love to be your friend, but this whole thing makes me sick – no offense! Give me four – five days before contacting me, I should be recovered by then.” *tries to smile but fails*

Connecting with other women is tough business! Can someone explain? I’m a divorcée. I am also a veteran, so most of my friends are males. I am trying to make female friends, but it is a challenge! I get that we are not in Elementary School any longer… So, how do you go about making female friends? One female to another? I saw a Facebook post from our local Christian Radio Station the other day, something about “singles.” And there were women on there complaining about being “lonely.” Now, I’m single and not lonely – but I didn’t say that… I just had to wonder, do they have friends? I have a group of single lady friends, a bit outside of my age group, but the best friends a gal could have. It’s been a long, hard road, but I am starting to make some gal pals closer to my age. For that, I am glad.

I recognize, however the fact that connection is not an easy feat is largely due to the fact that everyone has something with which they are dealing. I mean, we were challenged at church a couple weeks ago to “do life together.” This entailed inviting someone into your home and just doing life. This is a challenge for me! I’m rarely home, for starters, and when I am home, I am busy! For all of my connectedness, I am disengaged. Perhaps I didn’t have to do life with the congregants. I can do life with neighbors, friends… Right? My idea of doing life: “let’s go to the grocery store together!” Getting tasks completed! Haha! #momlife

Doing Life Together: This is a fascinating concept. A concept that can destroy the lines of disengagement from others. Sometimes I ask myself, What keeps me so busy? Then I am reminded: kids, work, school, kids extracurricular activities, church/ service for church… There are other things, of course, these are the big things. None of it is too much. I just rarely have time for anything else. I would love to do life together. I suppose I should schedule it in sometime… For as connected as I thought I was, or would like to be – it would appear that I am fairly disengaged. I want to fix this in myself – solve all of the problems in the world, create relationships, form bonds, eradicate the disengagement. Everyone needs someone. If only to know that they are not so alone.

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