The Lord has blessed me with thirty-two years of life. It’s only now that I feel like I’m starting to get it right! Funny how I have focused on the dips, curves, bumps and tunnels along my journey; When there have been so many green pastures, fields of wildflowers, trees to provide shelter and protection, more sunshine than rain, and never have I walked the path alone.

My life is – as it has always been – so full of smiles and laughter. Thirty-two years of smiles and laughter intermingled with tears, but always smiles and laughter. For those whom have laughed with me, I am grateful. For those whom have cried with me, I am grateful – and everything in between! In thirty-two years, you get to meet a lot of folks – especially an extroverted-introvert like me…

So, I’m 32 today, and counting!

**Photo taken over the past weekend in Florida. I celebrated with family. This cake was from an AMAZING bakery (tasted like childhood) Alessi’s Bakery. Check it out if ever in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. They have a deli as well!**


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