What causes vehicles to need a tire alignment?

“Sudden jarring or heavy impact caused by hitting something, such as a pothole, bumping a curb, or a road accident. Worn parts caused by wear and tear. Over time, parts such as suspension springs can become worn and slack, leading to a shift in the wheel alignment.”

Have you ever needed a tire alignment, or driven a vehicle that needed one? In high school, after wrecking my car, I had to drive the family van from 1993 – true story! That vehicle needed an alignment among other things! But I drove her until she died, on my way to an IB exam at the University of South Florida. I just coasted into a ditch… *sigh* Memories… In any case, she was worn, tired. Her tires were bald, she fought the good fight, she was doing more than she should have… Taking me to church, school, work, when I skipped school to go to the library to work on a paper, or hideout and read – she went above and beyond! But, I knew she at least needed an alignment, among other things, because just to go straight, my wheel was turned a good 45 degrees or more! She pulled to the side, hard! Sure, there were other signs that she was tired and needed rest, but the most present, obvious sign – especially while driving, was the need for alignment.

How many of us need alignment in our lives? Are we ignoring the signs? Funny how people call it “re-alignment” that’s just shifting the people/issues around – in my opinion, when what we need is an overhaul. Somethings can’t be a DIY job, they need to go to the shop…

Something was revealed to me about myself – I need an alignment. I am veering off to the side, trying to stay head-on, because I have taken on somethings that weren’t mine to take. Thinking that, “If I don’t do it, who will?” When I’m not God. He’s in control of that. Sometimes we – and I mean I – have to sit down, release control, and stop doing that which we are not called to do, and do the work that we – and I mean I – are/am called to do, so that others who are called to do a particular job/thing can stand up and walk in their calling. We – and I mean I – wonder why more people don’t get involved? It’s because the thing they are called to do – it looks like someone else is doing it! Some of us – and I am talking to myself – have to sit down from areas we are not called, and allow others to operate in those areas. This will prevent burnout, and allow us to fully invest ourselves in the areas God has called us to! How can I allow the area God called me to, to sit on the back burner for something I am not meant to do, and have no passion for? What sense does that make? Just who am I doing it for? It’s time for self-assessment. It is time for alignment. Time to allow God to do the aligning.

We are the body of Christ. The foot cannot perform the work of the hand, and the hand cannot act as the ear – not even temporarily. My prayer today is for alignment, for myself and for the body… Let us find our purpose and our rightful place.

*Original image by Jessy B.*

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