Living On Purpose

Do you ever have those days where you are just on autopilot from the time you wake up to the time your days ends? Someone asks you what you did today – or how was your day? And all you can do is stare blank-faced, because you know what you did – sort of, but you just don’t have the details that you know they crave. Yeah, been there, done that. NEWSFLASH: That’s not living the life He intended for us to live! We must live on purpose, not on auto-pilot! Have you ever had one of those days where you just coasted by with the bare minimum, striving to just survive? Yes, I have been there as well… Doing just enough to get by, yet not enough to get noticed. Is this living? No way! I was barely existing at this point, I remember it vividly – it lasted more than a day, in my case… And, don’t get me wrong, sometimes we need to flyby under the radar or we need a “mental health” day. Somedays, autopilot will be the only method that propels you from start to finish. However, I caution when these become our methods of survival…

To live on purpose, we must discover our purpose. So many people walk around not knowing why they were placed on God’s green earth. We all have meaning. We all have purpose. Working with young people and families in my church and in my career, I come to find a theme evident that permeates even throughout adulthood, no one is immune – haven’t I been affected by this as well? Identity. Worthlessness. Lack of Purpose. Hearing different ones open up – I don’t know what I feel; I don’t know who I am; I know what I want to do, but I know it isn’t what I am called to do – I just don’t know what I am called to do; I know what I am called to do, I just don’t know… And the list continues… The potential is there, the calling is there – as is the feelings of worthlessness, lack of identity, confusion, lack of meaning, lack of purpose, just wanting to flyby under the radar. For the up and coming generation to learn to live on purpose, they must examples who live on purpose – leading, guiding not with words, but deeds.

I was pricked in my heart the other day when I read a Facebook post by someone with whom I attend church – happens to be a police officer/ FB blogger. He shared a personal conviction (I will do my best to summarize): He had to work the Pride Festivities, Day 2, felt really good about helping a young lady get home, but someone approached him and asked how it felt to take immigrant children away from their parents. He cursed at the individual, and then some, and “it felt good.” He was convicted by this and felt guilty because most days he tries to live for God and show the love of God, most days, he succeeds, mostlyThat day, although he had just demonstrated God’s love – he had just lived on purpose, he slipped up. The admirable thing in that is that he recognized the fall, and got back up. He realized that to be personally attacked gives a reaction like no other.

Reading the post, I was like, Yeah, well, been there… Being a leader – well, personal attacks come with the title. Who knew?! It does not matter who you are, where you are, how nice you are, whether or not you are a good or bad leader, it comes with the title! It does not feel good at all! In the beginning, I cried, I wanted to quit! (Sometimes, I still want to quit!) I told the Lord some things! Then, I remembered, not only was He personally attacked, they crucified and killed Him! Anyone who bears His name and His Spirit in their hearts will be attacked for His name’s sake. And He is with us through it all! He lived His life on purpose because He had a purpose. A purpose He saw through to the end.

To live on purpose we acknowledge that our lives have purpose. I may not always know which direction to go, or what’s behind the metaphorical door #1… But, I know that my life serves a purpose and that keeps me going. Despite all the junk that I may endure some days, I live my life on purpose because I have a purpose to accomplish. So, despite the ups and downs, that I may see as setbacks, it is all a part of my journey… Every pitfall, valley, mountain, and hill serves a purpose on the road to my expected end.

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