Tell of Him

John 3:30 KJV “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

In my life, on my own, I have come to realize I am just a girl in a woman’s body, trying to be a mother to three… On my own, I am like a hamster, running on a wheel never reaching any real destination, wondering why I never quite get there?

Then I met the Greatest Man I Know! He showed me a life worth living, a life brand new. I will tell of Him. Not with my words, because they just don’t do Him justice.

I tell of Him by the way I walk. You see when I met Him, He changed the way I walk. No longer do I walk with my head down, shoulders slumped – oh no! I have a pep-in-my-step! I know who I am! So, with my shoulders back and my head held high, I walk like the daughter of a King.

I tell of Him by the way I speak. No longer do I degrade, diminish, destroy myself or others by the words of my mouth. My lips were made for more! They were made to edify, to speak life! When He came into my heart – when I hid His Word in my heart because I knew out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks, and I didn’t want to sin against my God. I tell of Him with my words, the ones I choose to say and the ones I withhold.

I tell of Him by the life I lead. I do not have to be a preacher for my little light to shine. God is in the little things and He is in me too! When you love God, you love the things of God, and quite frankly you just love! It shows in everything you do. You cannot just pass by a hurting, broken person… Now, we know faith without works is dead… I don’t have much, but I would, and I have given my last to a person in need. Yes, I have been misused, abused, mistreated – and because of the God that lives within me, I can love and not be bitter. I can forgive without hearing an apology. I am quick to apologize for my wrongdoings in effort to be a peacemaker. Being slow to anger, swift to forgive, staying curious – waiting, watching, wondering…

I must tell of Him in the way that I walk, in the way that I talk, in all that I do, because at the end of the day it’s not about me, it’s all about You! Why take things so literal? Why take them so personal? When it’s not about me? Father, it’s never been about me, but You who dwells within? When I get past I, then I will see the You who dwells within me! This is the reason I know now that I have a testimony. No longer will I fret over trivial matters, no longer will I sit in fear – for always You have made a way, my Light in the darkness. This is the story my life tells, light in dark places, joy where sadness once reigned. tell of Him with my smile. I tell of Him with my laugh. This joy that I have could only come from above, I take it and I tell of Him everywhere I go…

What does your life speak? What story does it tell? How do you tell of Him?

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