I never realized how dependent I truly am on my cellular device! I had a little accident with water yesterday, I don’t want to talk about it… As a result, I have been without my phone since 10ish, yesterday morning… Now, I have my work phone, my house phone, my kids all have their phones, but I don’t have my phone! I feel crippled! It is almost disabling! I mean, thank the Lord I use Apple products, so I still receive some of my messages on my MacBook Pro… But still! It’s not the same! I cannot lug this giant computer around with me everywhere I go! And the only way to receive the green messages from my non-iPhone using friends on my ‘puter, is for my phone to be operational… And, it’s not… 

I remember a time of no cellular devices… I remember a time when cellular devices did little more than text and call, and we really only called because texting cost… But then, there was that game, Snake… That was a fun game… I remember when nights and weekends were free… Then, after 7pm and weekends were free… Then, here comes Apple, first they gave us the iPod… Oh, how I wanted one so0o badly! Then, they gave us the iPhone! So0o expensive! Or so we thought, at $400… I got my first iPhone back in 2011, and an iPod Touch… Those were the days… I tried other devices in between, but at the end of the day, I went back to Apple, and stayed! My children are Apple, my family as well…

But now, I am dependent on my cellular device from work… An Android! Heaven help me! I rarely use the phone – to text my clients only. I’m sure there is nothing wrong with Androids… They just aren’t for me… I love my job so I make do with the Android thing. More and more, I miss my iPhone. I am dependent on that thing… My life is in there! Alarms, appointments – I’m all out of sync! This tells me one thing… Time to back things up with pen and paper! I will take this time and enjoy the silence of the phone, commune with God, go for a walk, and remember the good ole days. I just hope and pray, I don’t have to use this Android too long!

SN: If you happen to be an Android user, I mean no offense. I really hope one day you give Apple a chance 🙂


  1. I looooove my Galaxy S9!! And so did I love my Galaxy S3 and S5. But I do understand the pain of your loss. Hope you get back connected with your Apple soon!

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