Side by side

or miles apart


will always

be connected

By the heart

~Jacqueline DeVito

I have been blessed with two sisters, who really are more than sisters but friends – I daresay the best friends a gal could have. Separated by an ocean, separated by a country, yet close in heart. I am the younger of us three, still learning from the two…

As I recall our childhood days, dreaming of our future, never would I have imagined that life would have brought any of us here! Wife, mothers, lawyer, business owner, forever student (haha), friends! In all actuality, I am really surprised that we are all mothers, I was supposed to be the Fun Aunt! Mission accomplished, but still… I look at where we are today… Beyond the superficial. I am grateful for the long conversations, full of encouragement, when I am low. I am grateful for the prayers that come from someplace north of Tokyo! I am grateful to be able to rejoice with you in your successes and encourage you along your way as well. Our relationship is now give and take…

I was a proud little sister. My big sisters had it all! They were intelligent to a degree I could never reach. My sisters had a beauty I could never attain. They were effortlessly talented, were I struggled to be the best, in the different route I planned to take. They were outgoing in a way I could never be. When I stopped comparing myself to my sisters, I realized that I actually liked them and they liked me too!

Raising my children, I tell them, “I may not always be here, one day you guys will be all each other has. Look at my relationship with my sisters and my brother.” We model love. We model what family should look like. At the end, or beginning, of the day, I am excited to call my sister! I enjoy conversations with my brother, I am happy he lives closer, seeing him after 10 years was AMAZING!

In any case, to my sister, I know you are reading, I want you to know how much I LOVE YOU and value our relationship!


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