From Shoes to Window Treatments

Remember that one time I purchased a house? It’s a bit of a shocker to me as well! I feel like I have spent much of my adulthood not playing the adult, not being the most responsible one, making one mistake after another… Yet, here I am, making adult decisions, being responsible, trying to play the role of grown up and set an example for my three. 

I close on my home today and this has been the most exhilarating experience that I have been through! I am still in awe and thanking God that He has blessed me in such a wonderful way!

Now, I had no idea that so much came along with purchasing a brand new home… I knew that my shopping habits would have to all but stop or change for a while… But I had no idea that I’d be trading in my shoe shopping addiction for window treatments! Okay, that was probably the most painful experience! There are so many types of blinds and shades, ultra-glide, motorized, one touch! Do any of these make sense to you? I develop a lovely headache about 20 minutes into the appointment, I’m sure my representative loved me! Then, cloth, wood, faux wood, vinyl?! Why are there so many choices? Obscure, semi-obscure… Then all of the colors and even designs! So challenging to decide. We have appointment #2 scheduled. Shoes are much more simple to purchase, online or in-store… Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came to your home with like 10 catalogs of shoes for your shopping needs? I’d like that!

Buying a house comes along with a responsibility that I didn’t consider: yard work. The edging, hedging, cutting the grass, etc… My wonderful friends have all thought it necessarily wise to alert me (and scare the daylights out of me in the process). I’ll learn! And if I don’t learn, there are companies for that!

My three are thrilled! They will have their own bedrooms, finally. We make the actual move tomorrow. I think I’ve been through the 5 stages of grief throughout this entire process. I have finally accepted my decision and I am happy about it! Such a huge decision, I had buyer’s remorse immediately after entering the contract. Luckily, everyone has been super helpful and held my hands (yes plural, lol) throughout the process.

My prayer: Thank You, Lord for this wonderful blessing! May I never have to do this again. May I never have to pack again (because I am still not completely done).

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