“What if your blessings come through raindrops” Laura Story ~Blessings

I am learning to never take His blessings for granted. I am learning that even in the midst of sorrow, even in the midst of pain – there is a blessing in that! Because, I can feel! Because a broken and contrite heart He will not despise. Because that “No”, that abandonment – all of that paved the way for my Best Yes. That heartache, those tears – what blessings! They brought me closer to my Lord and Savior! I can truly say I am healed! To be whole and know that I am whole to walk in the wholeness that Christ intended for me all along, well… Sure, I took a long way around to get here. It was painful. It was a blessing. The pain, the heartache, the journey until now, the yes’s, the no’s, the goodbyes – said and unsaid – have all brought me to this place. A place where I know I am loved. A place where I love. A place where He pours into me and I pour out.

Of blessings, I learned this: Blessings do not always come as we suppose they should. Sometimes in the midst of the storm, we ought shift our perspective, and there we will find the blessing in the midst of the storm. The Lord is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in the time of trouble. He never promised the road would be easy, or victory without fighting, but for we who endure to the end, a crown of life. We may not always get an answer right away. We may not always get the answer we desire. If we shift our perspective, maybe then we will see that therein lies our blessings. I never thought I’d be the one to say, thank You, in the midst of the storm. Nor did I think that I would be the one to say, thank You, for the pain of the past and present – blessings in disguise. And for the obvious blessings, I didn’t expect to be the one to find it challenging to say, thank You, because of the unworthiness I was made to feel by others. When God’s love isn’t based on me, it’s placed on me. (Uninvited ~Lysa Terkuest) For the lessons I am learning about His love, His mercy, His blessings – I am speechless. Never in my wildest imaginations could I dream up all He has done.

I am learning to count it all joy when the Lord decides to bless me. I am amazed that even in the midst of this storm, He still sees fit to bless me. I am slightly ashamed to admit, in this storm, I very nearly despised the blessing that the Lord so sweetly bestowed upon me. How can that be? I am blessed beyond measure! We’re talking about a pressed down, shaken together running over – sort of blessing! And there I was, feeling shame, feeling bad… Allowing others to take away the joy of the blessing in the midst of the storm.

I often tell my kids: Let me tell you how I know Jesus loves me the most! Sometimes they giggle, or give me the what now? Smile. But after hearing what I have to say they usually agree: WOW, He really does love you! Haha, and it’s the little things that make a HUGE impact! When I get all green lights on the way home, and I really had to potty! When every police officer I see has already pulled someone over, and oops I was speeding. Not just a little over, but the automatic go to jail card speeding. (I’m working on slowing it down… Thorn in my flesh. But God knows!)

This has been a year of transitions. Some painful, some joyful, some inexplicable – a year of transition nonetheless. For His blessings in the midst of it all, I give Him praise.

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