The Press

Have you ever found yourself stuck or trapped? Maybe literally, perhaps emotionally, or even psychologically, or spiritually? How did you get out or free yourself? Did you require help? Did you ask for assistance? Did someone find you and help you right away?

I think about my son, when he was a toddler, he would get himself “stuck” in his blocks container, then sit there and cry (more like whine, I don’t think there were tears after the first time) until you got him out. He would press himself down into the container to become stuck. I think about myself, once upon a time not so long ago, when I found myself trapped! I was trapped in my own mind, trapped by the past. I needed someone to assist me to break out of that. It was a press to break free. But, my-oh-my! On the other side, to taste freedom! The press was a challenge. The press was a journey. During my press, I felt opposition pressing back, causing me to want to stop. I did not quit, I did not give up, I continued to press, and it was worth it!

I think about the press that the Woman With the Issue of Blood made to get to Jesus, in her quest to be made whole. Not only did she have to press against the crowd just to reach Him – imagine what that must have been like, trying to make your way, while ill, through a large crowd, to Jesus, just to touch the hem of His garment. However, her press was also internal. She knew, in her mind, that if she could just reach Jesus, and touch Him, she would be made whole. She had to press through the thoughts that surely bombarded her mind that she would never be healed – never be whole, because no physician could fix her. She had to press through what man had told her – she was unclean, she had an infirmity. She was not even supposed to leave her home, so she pressed beyond cultural norms. She pressed on until she would be made whole, until she received her blessing. What greater example of the press than this woman?

We must press through our trials and our tribulations. We cannot give up. It seems so easy sometimes to throw our hands up, and throw in the towel, however to press towards our Savior is so much more rewarding. In Him, we find our salvation. In Christ, we find our peace. Allow me to encourage you to continue to press on despite what may be pressing against you, despite what is happening around you, press. 

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