Nobody Told Me

I purchased a home back in June and moved in almost a month ago. It has been an exhilarating experience, one that has caused me great joy and stress all at once! Wait! I should begin by saying, this house is nothing short of a blessing. You see, I am a single-mother. I live in Washington, just south of Seattle. It was nothing but the Lord, that allowed me the opportunity to purchase a home.

knew that I wanted to purchase a home,  likely by the end of the year. I had hopes for the summer, before school started would have been ideal, but nothing that I liked was coming on the market… I was looking at houses and townhouses… In any case, I wound up in a brand new home, thank you, Jesus! Some things I wasn’t prepared to do for the home: the lawn! I mean, of course I knew there was a lawn… I saw it! But, how did it escape me that I would have to water the sod, mow the lawn, edge, hedge! Can somebody please tell me what is hedging? I know what edging is… And, I need to do that… I mowed, or attempted to mow, the lawn for the first time yesterday… I am proud of myself! The kiddos are proud of me as well, and that feels good! But, I didn’t know how to mow a lawn! I never had to! It’s actually not like vacuuming, go figure! May I say, thank the Lord for warranties! I wish there was someone to hold my hand through the process and tell me everything to expect – kind of like pregnancy: What to Expect When You Buy a Home

Nobody told me that my shopping desires would actually change! I mean, yes, for a while, there were items I had to purchase for the home. But, now, the home is fully furnished, window treatments are in, and I am still only interested in shopping for the home. I mean come on! Home decor!!! It has finally kicked in, that unlike being a renter, where someone else takes care of anything that goes wrong with your home: pest control, watering the grass, etc… It’s on me! I have to do those things. It means waking up early in the morning and watering the lawn. It means, sweeping the cobwebs from the entryway and, heaven forbid there be a pest control issue, have to take care of that (or call in a company).

I’m not even a month in and already I have learned so much! What more is there to learn? Can somebody please tell me what to expect?



  1. I am still so exceedingly glad for you and proud of you that you have bought and moved in a brand new home. I wish I could be more there for you. God has brought you from a looooong ways. And is still bringing you to your destiny. Both naturally and spiritually. 💙

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