What Is Your Worth?

“All my life you made me believe I was only worth what someone would pay for me – but Christian loves me. He loves me, Harold, and that is worth everything! Worth going away from you, away from the Duke, away from the Duke, away from the Moulin Rouge! Goodbye, Harold.” ~Satine from “Moulin Rouge”

Anyone who really knows me, knows that my all time favorite movie is, “Moulin Rouge.” Those closest to me know that the above passage was going to be my auditioning piece, when I made my debut into the world of the theatre (cue the dramatic music, lights, camera, action!). I was driving to a visit, and then another visit, and I kept hearing this commercial: What are you worth? You’re worth what someone will pay for you… I can admit, it is tough for me to hear anything following as Moulin Rouge pops into my head afterwards, and I am a goner! (Now I must go home and watch the movie.)

But, isn’t our worth more than what someone will pay for us or pay us? I mean, imagine if my worth was wrapped up in what my employer paid me… (Not that I’m complaining or anything – thank the Lord for my job!) But can you imagine? So many of us do so much more than what we get paid to do, why? We enjoy our careers! Especially those in the military! I am proud to have served, the decision to leave the military was a tough one! The pay? Hah! Let’s just say, the benefits make it worthwhile. I was not in the military for the pay… I loved military life. The pay, thankfully, did not define my worth.

Prior to the military, in my adulthood, I was a stay-at-home mother… No pay! What would that say about my worth, if my worth was dependent upon what someone would pay me for my services. No one paid me to be a mother. Come to think of it, to this day, no one pays me for that service. (Not that I’m complaining or anything – I happen to LOVE being a Mommy!)

I didn’t always know my worth, you know… It took me 30 years to discover it. I have been living my best years ever since. I sought my worth in my husbands – who left me (talk about feeling worthless). I sought my worth in my appearance – then as we get older, our weight fluctuates. Who has time for make-up everyday? I realized, it really wasn’t about all that… Sure, a guy will see what’s on the exterior, and maybe find it attractive, but there was so much more to me than my body! I tried to find my worth in my credentials, but who cares – I don’t even care about all that!

Then, I boiled all of me – or who I thought I was – away, and laid myself at the feet of my King. The One who paid for me. He paid it all for me. He bled and died, shed His own innocent blood, that I might have life and have it more abundantly. Never has there been, never will there be a more perfect Love than this. In Him, I found my worth.

I discovered that I am a daughter of a King. I discovered that I am loved. I discovered that I am never alone – I have never been alone, and I will never be alone. I found a love so pure and so true, that once I tapped into it, it began to pour out of me too! My worth is more than how I look on the outside, it is the condition of my soul on the inside. To be healed, to be whole, to be made new – He makes sure of these things. I discovered my worth in the reading of His Word. As I soak it up, He reveals to me revelations anew. I discovered my worth in the intimate moments I take to speak with Him, just the two of us. To know that He is mine and I am His, and I am worthy – His priceless jewel, none can rob me of that.

I have discovered my worth. What is your worth?

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