This Weekend

This weekend has been quite the weekend. Have you ever sought answers, waited, and weren’t sure if you would ever receive an answer? Then, out of nowhere, at the midnight hour, you receive your answer! Everything becomes clearer. Just like that. How does that work? Not my timing, but His.

You never know what a conversation will bring. I wrote a blog post several weeks ago, about letting my light shine… I’ve had several people tell me that I was “glowing” but later excused it as my hair was different, or a joke that maybe it was just sweat. Haha! I think that was my favorite! But, Sunday night, in a conversation with a Pastor and his wife, whom I had seen in passing a couple times prior – but before that, it had been over two years! In any case, Pastor says to me, “Sister Jessica, you just have a glow about you. I saw it the last couple times I saw you in passing, and I see it tonight.” His wife elaborated that she saw it as well, “it’s the glow of the Lord.” Let me tell you how much my heart swelled! I tell my children that I just want others to see the love of God in me, because it’s not about me, it’s about Him, it’s about His love. My heart is full. I honestly was not having the best day. But after speaking with them, I was encouraged.

Monday, I had my ex-husband, his wife and her children over for lunch and we played a board game. We had a wonderful time. As I reflect on how far the three of us have come, I really have to smile. We owe it all to God. It’s His love in us that forgives, His love that brings forth peace. When we pray: not my will, but Thy will be done... I think we often don’t know what we are signing ourselves up to do. Thankfully, “all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are called according to his purpose,Romans 8:28 KJV.

I periodically will do a self-check: to ensure my mind is in the correct place, and I’m not feeling anything negative or what not… It pleased me to know, I’m still going great! I don’t know if my singleness bothers others, it appears to at times, but that could just be my perception… Perhaps, it is just concern for me? I don’t feel like I should have to – nor have I explained the reasons why I am single. It’s okay to be without a significant other, when all of my affections are for the Lord. I give myself fully to Him first, and everything else seems to just fall into place. No, my life is not perfect, far from it. I have many struggles and fight many battles – daily!

Anyway! I had a wonderful weekend, full of fun, family, friends, and food. I was encouraged and some of my questions were answered. This confirms God hears even our innermost thoughts. Now, I’m exhausted, but it’s time to get up for work! Have a wonderful day everyone🙂

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