I had a conversation with an older friend a couple weeks ago, he posed the concept that we are made up of three parts: spirit, soul and mind. He defined the spirit as the “breath of God” within us. It is our thoughts. It is what will return to God upon our passing. Our soul, he said, took on the form of our physical bodies, I think… and our mind – oh, our minds! This is the area that governs our emotions. Which makes our minds the most powerful driving force of all three parts that constitute man. 

What really stood out to me was the mind. Is this really the control center for my ever complicated emotions? The mind, the center of it all, if you think about it… If we aren’t careful, we can allow our emotions to steer our thoughts even… Or do our thoughts steer our emotions? 

Please allow me to pose this question: Is our will and/or desire driven by our emotions or are our emotions driven by our will and desires?

My take: Emotions are not meant to be our guides, therefore they are not the driving forces behind our will/desires… However, I have allowed my emotions to guide me, once upon a time (and sometimes still)… I did not know how to place them under subjection and confused my emotions for my desires – for my will. (Talk about a disaster when all was said and done!)

As humans, we are emotional beings. Me, well, I tend to be an overachiever in that department, so I really have to check myself to ensure that my decisions are not driven by my emotions. Sometimes, they are – it cannot always be helped. Sometimes, I have to check my will and my desires to ensure that they are in line with Christ, and not driven by my human emotions. When my human emotions say, “She hurt you, get her back – say this or do that – ” I have to check myself. What does the Word say? What is my actual will here? I have control. I do not have to let my emotions control me. They get me into trouble when they are in control. 

Just recently, dealing with an offense – emotionally I was angry and wanted to send a reply email that refuted a statement, disproving some statements in an email sent to me. Okay, I was livid! What was driving me? I know that “anger” is a secondary emotion. I had only to be honest with myself to discover what was at the heart of my beyond anger-anger. Emotions. I checked my will and desires. Why did I feel the need to vindicate myself, and what was the motive behind it? I pondered this over and over… Finally, I discovered, I was hurt. I thought more of the individuals involved and the breach in the relationship was painful. My will/desire was for an apology, at the end of the day, or at least acknowledgement of the breach, it never came, rather finger pointing, not surprising.

With emotions back in check, I have dropped the matter completely. I decided to just forgive and forget. Easier said than done some days, because emotions tend to get in the way. 

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  1. We must allow the word of GOD to be our yardstick of measurement. God is not moved by our emotions,
    feelings or temperament. He is moved by our faith which can be strengthened by the word of God. If we can stop listening to what the WORLD says and start following what the WORD says, we will be experiencing the miraculous more in our lives. Beautiful post.

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  2. I have anger management problems i never regret my crazy actions if someone pushes me…i usually get more angry or sad if i am simply out of character… i am broken and that’s what makes me beautiful…all in all i know throwing a fit is never needed… i can’t always control but i ensure i am 100% honest with myself…when i get heated i talk to myself… i need a friend to be honest so i talk to myself out loud to know what my truee friend thinks.. sometimes i don’t always want to share with others sometimes i just need guidance and fact we always know the right answer we just ignore it…advise yourself

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    1. I think it’s best to be honest with ourselves. You seem to definitely have a handle on your own emotions, especially from what I’ve read through your blogposts. You’ve been through a lot… And yes, your brokenness absolutely makes you beautiful 😊


      1. 🙏 thank you… i try hard to stay in character.. i am not a churchy person but i need to be…your post makes me question why i haven’t been to church in years..but i do believe

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        1. No problem. Just be true to yourself. Sometimes, as far as church goes, it’s finding the right one to go. Believing is key. Having a personal relationship with God is what keeps us.


          1. Lol not at all… i do believe, i do pray but sometimes the space is comforting (going to church that is) and i actually appreciate your words it reminds me about how much i have been putting it off.

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  3. Hey Jessy, that was a great conversation held between two of you. I love how mentioned your emotions and checking on them but Jessy sometimes emotional decisions are the best you make in life. Honestly nothing wrong with that either. Don’t stress too much, you have been doing so great. I can claim to know you a bit now through your posts. You have so great personality and a heart of Gold and it can’t be possible without those excessive emotions you hold girlfriend.

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    1. Thank you, Bushra! Yes, you can definitely claim to know me via my posts. You are right, I am learning that there are some decisions that are best made with our emotions. Thanks again for your encouraging words!

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  4. Very well thought out and expressed. It takes a real desire for truth to keep oneself in check. To accuire real understanding of one’s true motives. And above all….wanting to be right in the sight of God.

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    1. Thank you, as always for commenting. I agree that it definitely takes a real desire and strength to keep oneself in check. We really need God’s help, I know that I cannot do it on my own.


  5. “emotions to steer our thoughts even… Or do our thoughts steer our emotions? ”
    This line had me thinking.
    I think it boils down to the person.
    But as far as me, I realize when you react off of emotions right away, you will make choices and will regret it later on in the future and regret will bring more unnecessary emotions that will mess you up even more.
    But sometimes reacting off of emotions will set your mind free as well.
    I look it at it as making a choice between following your mind or your heart.
    Mind tell you one thing, the heart will tell you another.
    A good time to react off of emotion is when the person you love tells you how they really feel about you and wants to be with you.
    Now deep down you want to be with this person but you feel like your not good enough or you don’t have enough to offer but yet you do love this person so now you have a choice to follow your heart and be with this person or just listen o your mind and try get yourself together mentally and hope ya meet up in the future.
    This was a deep post and I enjoy reading thought provoking things

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    1. Wow… Thanks for commenting, you definitely gave me a different perspective to consider. I had not considered when it is “okay” to follow your heart, but you’re absolutely correct. We do allow “minds” and perceived “shortcomings” to talk us out of being with someone whom loves us and we love. When who really has it “all together” if we’re honest? I’m guilty of this in so many different aspects of my life.. That was a deep comment! Haha! Thanks again!


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