“If” only I had said _____.

“If” only I didn’t say _____.

“If” I had known ______, I wouldn’t have _______.

“If” I could do it all again…

“If” I had just one more chance.

“If” I ever see him/her again…

“If” you would just let me explain.

“If” I had the courage.

“If” I had the resources.

“If” they knew how that really made me feel.

“If” I wasn’t so insecure.

“If” only I hadn’t done that.

“If” only I didn’t go there.

“If” only someone had warned me.

“If” only you had told me.

“If” I knew then, what I know now…

“If” I hadn’t been so foolish.

“If” I had taken a moment to think first.

“If” I had looked at the bigger picture.

“If” I had truly looked at him for who he was and not who he wasn’t.

“If” I had listened.

“If” I had spoken.

“If” I had said how I really felt.

“If” I was honest.

“If” I lose it all.

What “If”?

“If” is such a sad word when you really break it down. It masks our regrets, our failures, our hopes, dreams, our mistakes. We use “if” as the crutch that keep us from standing on our own two feet, progressing, moving forward, accepting responsibility for our emotions, actions…

“If”… For me is an “I-Failed” statement usually. “If only I had said what I really wanted to say.” What I really meant was: I failed to say what I really wanted to say. I try my best to avoid any “ifs” in my life. #noregrets

My little secret about “if” is that no matter how hard I try, I simply cannot seem to eliminate the word completely from my vocabulary. Which is not necessarily a bad thing… Sometimes, the thought of “what if” propels me to aim higher, dream bigger, and take chances I wouldn’t typically take.. Sometimes my “if” is “in faith”. If I try this, maybe I will succeed! In faith, I will try this and maybe succeed! Sometimes you never know until you try. Sometimes, it takes “if”. Sometimes it takes a little faith.

We can turn our “if’s” from “I-Failed” statements to “in faith” statements. “If” doesn’t have to be a crutch, but a propeller.


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