Versatile Blogger Awards

I would like to give a HUGE THANKS to my blogger friend, Bushra of Bushra’s Lifestyle Blog for nominating me for this award! If you are not following her blog, you should! Click the link and check it out!

She is so thoughtful, she created this graphic for us to share the rules!

Seven Facts About Me: Brace Yourselves!

  1. While I greatly enjoy neatness and order, my socks never match! They will be the same size, they just don’t match! I don’t at all find this embarrassing.
  2. Recently, my favorite pastimes have included: blogging, photography, learning about home decorating ideas. Oh, and KDramas. Always KDramas. KDramas are life.
  3. The most recent thing I have done, that makes me proud of myself, is ask for help. I have always been an INDEPENDENT WOMAN and I am realizing I cannot do it all on my own. Maybe one day, I’ll share the story… For now I’ll say TV, wall, my kids, and muscle failure.
  4. As Mommy to a teenager and two preteens, they keep me on my toes, so I try to stay a step ahead. Luckily, they are eerily like me, so I can pretty much read them like a book. What a help this is for our relationship!
  5. I am multilingual. English is my first language. I also speak Spanish and ASL. These are helpful to my career, as I have Hispanic and Deaf clients. I am learning Korean, which is proving a tad more difficult at least I won’t have to wait for subtitles for my KDramas ♥️
  6. I am usually punctual. Like 10 minutes prior to the expected time. Sometimes I am late. Like 10 minutes late. I’ll blame it on the traffic – which was a contributing factor. However, if I’m honest, it’s because I spent a little extra time watching a KDrama or reading a book. Makes me late every time!
  7. My blog began as a way to cope with separation from my ex husband. It has since become a transparent reflection of my journey through this thing called life. I thank those that stick with me for my ups, downs, loves, losses, and lessons learned as I share them on Love & Loss: Living In Between
  • Nominees (If you aren’t following their blogs, you should!)
    1. Tiffchelle22
      Chris Adedoyin
      Thuam Siam Ngaihte
      Victory Motivation
      Byung A Fallgren
      Faith K
  • No pressure for anyone to accept the award 😊
  • Jessy B.

    1. You totally deserve this award and thank you so much for your kind words. Jessie sometimes it’s nice to ask for help. It’s okay to do that so don’t feel bad. You need to teach me photography as I am suck at it. I would love to learn Hispanic but I don’t’ find time to do anything any more. Love all those 7 facts about you. Stay blessed and stay connected.

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      1. Thank you so much Bushra! Glad you enjoyed the seven facts! I enjoy photography, my daughter is now doing photography in school and enjoys it also! Spanish is a great language to learn and useful for work for me. Now that I am learning Korean sometimes I will speak all three languages and not be able to figure correct grammar, etc… A little bit of a headache haha

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