Love and Grace Matters

Grace is unmerited favor, a gift undeserved. The Lord gives us grace freely each day. For some would say, in allowing us see a new day – this is an act of grace. For some, to be able to have provision to eat three solid meals, four walls, a job – all acts of grace. For some, a sound mind.

I have been granted so much grace. For my life, I am grateful. It truly is by the grace of God that I am here today. By His grace, I have stable health/mental health without the need of medication – this shouldn’t be the case. By His grace, I don’t worry from where our next meal will come, or where we will sleep, or for our safety. Christ has been better than good to me, and my family. It was His grace that saved me. It is His grace that sustains me. It is His grace that provides for me. His grace that comforts me. It is His grace that heals me.

With all the grace I have been granted, I have an obligation to grant others that much more. I realize, it isn’t always easy to “turn the other cheek,” or “give grace.” Sometimes, in the immediate sense, I fail. I have to backtrack, do over, or try again.

“I grant grace because I so desperately need it.” ~Lysa Terkeust

Today is one of the days where I failed. Driving along, feeling remorse and also feeling sorry for myself, I was surprised to see a man holding a sign that read: “LOVE… No Matter What” I was immediately convicted, I made a return phone call, apologizing for snapping at her. It was not even her fault… How could I only see myself? I had just acted out of character and snapped at her. No grace was given – she was just doing what she was told… I knew this much.

So, why did I respond out of character? What made me snap at her? Hurt. I was still hurt. When you have known all along that your value to someone is wrapped up in what you do for them, it hurts when they prove it time and again.

Hours later, driving home. I asked God, help me to forgive! I also prayed, Lord, take this hurt from me. Sometimes the greatest acts of grace we can offer not only others, but also ourselves is the ability to let go of that which is not ours to hold. I hadn’t realized that I was still holding that hurt. I thought I had moved on! I had even returned to the place I said I would never step foot – but I did. I thought I had let go… but today proved me wrong. I am not one to snap at another person. But I did. It did not feel good. I felt the hurt, betrayal, anger – flood me.

LOVE… No Matter What. This quote will become my new mantra. It reminds me of His grace. Because He loves me, no matter what I do/have done – I have hope. Because He loved us no matter what, He died on the cross – John 3:16 KJV “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

To be like Jesus… To give grace the gift of grace… *Sigh* I’m working on it! My desire is to give grace without a second’s thought. To “love, no matter what…” Despite the heartache, despite the pain… I want to be able to look them in the eyes and honestly say, “I love you.” This is truly God’s way. How could I not see that love and gracegrace and love… Well, you cannot have one without the other!

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