Get Your Life!

Just what is a blessing?

This past Tuesday, while teaching a wonderful group tweens, I asked the question: In your own words, what is a blessing? (After giving the definition: God’s favor and protection; something that brings wellbeing; mercy – thank you, Pentecostal Publishing House) I was met with words/phrases like: God’s grace, God’s favor, God’s safety. I had to think. Just how would I define blessing in my own words? Is there anything else I could say? The kids said it quite well. We moved into “What is a blessing in your life?” The majority of the class was boys, tween boys, so I wasn’t surprised to hear food. Lots of food items –which nearly destroyed me because I was starving! However, those kiddos were on it! Reminding me of some things.

It is a blessing to have your own room, when you have shared one your entire life (whether it was 10 years or 29 when you got your own room for the first time, haha). It’s also a blessing that we, and our loved ones are kept safe from harm, it’s also a blessing that we are here – as well as our friends, our families. How often do I take this for granted? The ability to be able to walk into church and worship freely – not everyone has this freedom, or opportunity. There are so many blessings surrounding me that I fear I have taken for granted…

“God has a plan, just for you!”

At least this is what I’m told. What if His plan and my plan don’t matchup? I have asked this question before. Will I be satisfied? Will I be pleased? Will I be able to accept all that He has for me – even if it isn’t what my heart thinks it wants? Well, I want to say OF COURSE! But there comes a time when I must make a choice – my heart’s desire or His will for my life. His blessings are far better than anything I could ever dream up. I know this. This also means letting go of some things, some people… I will admit that is the difficult part. But, with my mind made up to be wholeheartedly devoted to God, no matter what, it is easy to let go. The choice has always been obvious.

“Good things come to those who wait.”

At least this is what I have heard. In the past, I have had a difficult time with obedience and waiting. Seeing, wanting, having. If you take forever to decide, you don’t want to go shopping with me. However, I’m pleased to say, I’m much better as of late. Patience, that trait I never thought I would possess, has become my best friend – purchasing a home has forced me to mature a bit. And with: “Be Still” echoing in my mind. I can, I must, I will.

I would never again take anything into my own hands, for fear of getting it wrong or messing up God’s plans for me. I didn’t send that message, I had typed up to send. I didn’t say the words, when I had the opportunity. I never gave it a chance. The timing was wrong and I knew I wasn’t ready. So, perhaps my desires are in stark contrast to what He has for me? And why am I even worried about it?

“Go get your life!” (Did I say that correctly?)

I don’t even know where that came from, but people where saying it for like a minute all over social media a while back. I’m not even sure what it means! In any case, something I have realized is, so many people are living with hopes for tomorrow and what will be. (Me too, I have hopes and dreams.) But, are we living our todays to the fullest, while dreaming about tomorrow? For me, not always. I have found myself busy, distracted – just allowing so much stuff to get in the way of my living life to the fullest. Today, on the rare occasion I share with others, “I went to Europe last December with a couple friends…” The look in their eyes. “You?! How did you find the time?” “I’ll show you pictures.” Everyone knows: pictures or it didn’t happen.

It’s when we get out and live that the Lord is able to fulfill His work in us. When we get out and live, we can see His promises come to pass. As I have read over some of my older posts recently, there are some things that I asked of God. I have only recently realized that those prayers have been answered, not because I dwelt on them, but because I left them in His hands, and continued on with my life. Seeing that happen, there are other things I must leave in His hands, and go on living. I’m going to “go get my life” back. Er – get it back on track, not even for the sake of blessings, but for the sake of living!


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