This is the Day

I find myself constantly living for, and looking to tomorrow. So much so, that I forget to live my life today. I had a young cousin, he was an aspiring musical artist. Days before his tragic passing, he posted a photo on Facebook with a caption that read:

FUTURE is PROMISING but tomorrow’s not PROMISED.”

It has been three years and this quote, the events, have not left my mind. One would think that I would have learned a lesson from a life gone so soon… No matter how promising or bleak the future may seem, tomorrow is not promised is this not the Word?

Yet, I find myself in this place, living life as though I have all the time in the world. I tell myself, tomorrow I will do this, tomorrow I will achieve that, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow… But, what about today? My today’s have been chock full of preparations for tomorrow. “Sorry, I don’t have time.” “I apologize, I’m busy.” Excuse after excuse for why I am not living today. “I’ll slow down one day,” I assure my loved ones, like when I’m old and forced to stop.

Except, age, that scary beast, is starting to catch up with me! Do you remember when you were young and you could eat whatever you wanted, without consequence? I suppose I have reached the age where I have to watch what I eat – genetics don’t care about body type, at least this is what I read. No more slacking off, back to working out.

Psalms‬ ‭118:24‬ ‭KJV‬‬ “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

‭‭As we live each day, we are called to glory in it, be glad in it! I cannot allow myself to continue to be so busy, preparing for tomorrow that I forget to rejoice in today! There are so many wonderful people and things that I encounter each day. I would hate to see precious moments with my children and family pass me by. I don’t want to continue to miss moments with my friends. I have allowed myself to stop smelling the roses, and I love flowers! How could I forget how much I love flowers and the scent of the rain? And, when did I stop looking for the mountain each day?

But, most of all, I pray that I never forget to give glory to God, the Creator of all things. He made us for Himself, to give Him thanks. Sometimes, I forget, in the bad times, in the busy times – to thank Him for even those times! Each day is an opportunity. Each day is a fresh start. Each day is a chance to give Him thanks, not because of what I want Him to do, but because of who He is and because of what He has already done.

For me, it’s time to slow down. Am I really this busy? Or, do I really have to be this busy? It’s time to live for today. Tomorrow isn’t promised anyway.

*Image Source: Facebook*


  1. Wowsie!! Just what I was thinking on yesterday! Make the presence meaningful. Whether it is to enjoy and apreciate the life I am blessed with…..or make it accountable in means of giving to where it can make a possitive difference in someone else’s life. Taking this present day for granted is something we all can slip into. Our common adversary…the devil…loves for us to make excuse after excuse why we cannot enjoy and truly praise God for this very moment of time. Thank you for confirmation on making this day count by living it to the fullest and not waiting for another day!!!!

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    1. Oh wow! That is definitely encouragement for me. You said it so well, it is very easy to slip into the mundane of the day to day, making excuses and (wow) “not enjoying and truly praising God for this very moment.” I am guilty of this at times, we all are, I’m sure. You know, I write to myself and my kids, just share it with anyone who wants to read😊

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