Never Alone

My kiddos go through phases where my words are useless. I know that phase. Is it a phase? Right now we are in the:

Don’t tell me, I’m sure not to hear you. If you show me, I will understand.

Thankfully, with a prayer, sprinkled with patience, I connect with each one. I meet them where they are, and walk with them through the trial of the hour. But then begs the question, are they walking me through my very own learning process?

There is a lot to be said of one who walks with us as we learn and grow. As well as one who gives us the tools needed, then leaves us to our own devices. Not that any method is superior than the other, everyone has their own learning and teaching styles. However, the most effective leaders I have had in my life walked with me. And my children seem to respond best, when I walk with them.

One of the greatest examples we have is how Christ walked with the disciples. Learn of me… Two thousand years later, we’re still learning, and He’s still walking with us. It’s a rather intriguing thought, twelve men, dropped everything – their lives, literally what they were doing at that very moment, and followed Jesus. They walked with him, ate when he ate, slept when he slept… Saw the miracles front and center! Still, some of the lessons were lost on them… Flesh. Imagine how it would have been if Jesus had said, Okay, here’s a manual of what to do and what not to do. Find me if you run into issues, but this should explain it all. I’m so thankful, God’s not like that!

I take that as my example at home with my children. At work with my clients. In ministry with the kids. Even with friends. Today, I shared with others, some of my health struggles and the symptoms associated… As today was a struggle. And walking with me, my children’s stepmom and her ex-husband both offered, if ever you aren’t feeling well, and can’t drive, one of us can pick you up or bring you soup. How I forget what it is to depend on someone else sometimes… I no longer walk alone. Family, friends, children…

For my kiddos, I will walk with them through whatever life tosses their way. I often tell them, We’re in this together. It is my first time being a mommy, after all. So, as it turns out, they too are walking with me. I am truly thankful to God for never leaving, nor forsaking us… I have never walked alone.


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