The Love Side of Loss

Nehemiah‬ ‭8:10‬ ‭NKJV “…Do not sorrow, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

Today, while celebrating life, I was asked a question that reminded me of my own loss. I took a second to think, answered honestly, and realized, there is a love side to loss. I have experienced loss in my short life, in many different forms: the loss of loved ones, loss of a childhood friend, a coworker, babies, divorces, and things I would rather not name… Yeah, I’m no stranger to loss at all.

However, today, I realized after loss, there is life. To live, well, that’s a choice. There are so many who have lost so much more than I, yet I see them thriving. Sure, they have bad days, tough times… The choice to live takes courage. I found my courage, and will to live in God. He truly is my strength.

Hours later, it dawned on me the love I have gained throughout all this. I no longer look to the past with longing and regret. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve, wishing – no more. When I happen to look back, there are times when I laugh. I see the girl I was then, compared to who I am now. The world didn’t end, my life didn’t stop, the days continued on… When I finally became an active participant in my own life and healing took place, I learned to love, truly love. But, this time, God’s way.

There’s love that can be found in every loss, you don’t have to look far to find it. As God heals the heart and removes the pain, you’ll begin to see it. Love is the forgiveness that you feel, whether the apology ever comes or not. It’s in the apology that you give. Love is ever present both in the sorrow and when the sorrow ends, sometimes it’s difficult to know when the sorrow will ever end – if it’s even possible. The joy of the Lord is our strength… Love is there in the celebration of life, and the tragic loss. It’s a devastating thing, you never quite understand. But then, you can smile again! You find yourself celebrating the joys of motherhood with your friends.

Hands on a friend’s belly feeling the baby move, she asks you, Don’t you want one more? You pause and think before answering honestly – There is love in loss…

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