Leibster Award

I would like to thank OptimistSaya for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Click her name it gives a link to her blog “Elixer of Life” which shares an optimistic views of life, as well as the beauty of the Indian culture.

Questions and Answers

1. What do you think are the qualities of blogger that makes him unique?

I enjoy blogs with unique titles/topics and posts that coincide with their blog.

2. What one thing will you advice young generation ?

Slow down. Life is a blessing to be treasured. You don’t have to do everything right now! Slow down and enjoy the ride.

3. What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship is everything to me. I value my friendships with everything that I hold on to.

4. Best memory of your life

So tough to choose just one! My best memory would have to be the first time I felt my baby (now 13) move! I had just sat down to a plate of French Toast (yummm) This was the moment that it became reality to me that I had a life growing inside.

5. What do you think about country ‘India’ and indians ?

I think there is a lot of culture and talent. I would love to visit one day!

6. How do you judge a person(in general)?

I try not to judge, but see the beauty in a person. I try to ask “what happened to you” rather than “what’s wrong with you”

7. What are your views on gender equality?

I am not a feminist and I also don’t always shave my legs.

8.Your favourite person(the one you love or adore)

I love God. I love my kiddos. 

9. Your passion in life is___

Doing what God called me to do – working with children. I love children! Then, there’s FOOD, American Football and Baseball.

10. What is your concept of good and evil?

There is both good and evil in the world. Good always prevails.

11. Your favorite beach is _____.

Down in S. Florida, I cannot remember the name, but it’s on the Atlantic Coast. And that didn’t help… But it’s BEAUTIFUL! OR, there was this little private beach on the gulf I went to often when we lived in Florida in Apollo Beach… (when I get the names of these places, I promise to update this post, haha)

11 Facts About Me

  1. I’ve been the same height, had the same glasses Rx, and shoe size since 8th grade. I haven’t changed since 8th grade. 
  2. My dream job is to be an international flight attendant, so I can travel while making money, haha
  3. I cannot bake, partially because I have a difficult time following directions. I ruined a box cake on Thanksgiving *sad*
  4. I enjoy cooking! More like experimenting and praying that it turns out edible… So far, we’re okay!
  5. I once went close to a year without caffeine. But, I love the smell and taste so much and I found the Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee K-Cups, I am once again a coffee drinker – but in moderation.
  6. My favorite food is breakfast, haha! Yes, I know it’s a meal. I enjoy breakfast foods, all of them, anytime of the day, everyday. However, with kids, I cannot do that (all the time).
  7. My next big vacation, God willing, will be to visit my sister and her family in Germany, with my kiddos! Yay, back to Europe!
  8. I miss sandy beaches, but don’t know that I will move back home to Florida.
  9. I purchased a home earlier this year and I am realizing, there is so much to learn about homeownership! Still, it’s a wonderful ride.
  10. I sometimes have the perfect blogpost that I have to get out of me now, when I have a paper, or two, to write for school.
  11. I still gaze at the moon, watch the sunrise and sunset.


I would like to leave this open for anyone who want to participate! There are so many talented bloggers who I follow and who follow me.

My Questions (Borrowed from another award post)

  • Personality: Are you a …
    1) Half-full-glass or half-empty-glass person?
    2) Driver or passenger?
    3) Fish in the water or land lover?
    4) Early or late person?
    Your Favourite things:
    5) Food and beverage(s)
    6) Sport(s) (play or watch)
    7) Movie genre(s)
    8) Fictional character(s)
    9) Animal(s)
    10) Day of the week
    11) What is your dream vacation?

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