Sometimes I get lost and can’t seem to find my way. Whether I’m treading through a mountaintop or a valley low, sometimes I get lost. Forgetting to look up to You, sometimes I get lost and can’t seem to find my way home. I’ve been there so many times before, but when I forget to listen to that voice to guide me – how can I possibly arrive? Sometimes I get lost when I was well on my way, distracted by the days’ events, thoughts in my mind, or life’s circumstances – I forgot to look ahead.

Where do lost things go to be found? How do they find the road less traveled? Somewhere along the journey, I took my eyes off of You. I looked down, I looked back, I looked this way and that, only to find myself searching, searching, searching. What is it that you seek? Is what inquiring minds want to know. If I had the answer to that maybe I could slow down my search. As I have come to the end of myself, I realize I was searching for You all along.

Lost and found. They say lost things can be found. They say You are the only way. I left You there back at home, only I can’t seem to find my way. Someone told me to look up – lift mine eyes unto the hills. There came to me a realization, You never left me alone. As I began to open my eyes and lift them up, it was as though the scales dropped away. There was a light I had never seen before. I could hear with clarity the directions leading me home.

I know now, beyond the shadow of a doubt, yes, lost things can be found. Never, have I ever been alone, for You we’re always with me. You were with me in the valley low and on the hilltop. You were with me when the cares of life distracted me. Carefully, You guided me through and full of love and grace, You carried me. All I can do is give You praise!

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