Before the Day Ends…

Sometimes I have this feeling like he should still be here. I can’t bring myself to erase the text messages, taking up space in my phone. I know I should move on but, he should still be here. I know, I need to let go…

Today I tried, and almost succeeded to delete the text messages. But, my heart, it physically hurt. He should still be here. I remembered sending the last text messages, tears in my eyes, finally accepting, he’s gone. I know, I need to let go…

How does one let go, when you never received closure? I never got to say goodbye. I still don’t understand. I guess that’s why inside, I grapple with the idea that he should still be here. Closure is a funny thing, why do we think we need it? I said I would leave the “past in the past.” I know, I need to let go…

There are times I see someone, same build or gait, that reminds me of a distant time and place. Then, there comes the thought, he should still be here. How can I ever move on, trapped in the past of an unfamiliar memory. I realize I hardly even knew you. I know, I need to let go…

Before the day is done. I vow to make my peace. I’ll pray to God above and release everything. That you’re truly gone, some pieces are still a mystery. I know you can’t return, so for me I must let go. To live another day, to move forward, I must believe – you and I are exactly where we both are meant to be.

*Original Photo*


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