Say It With A Side Of Food

Note: Post started Friday, January 12, 2019. (I told you sometimes they sit in my draft box…) I’m sick at the moment, otherwise I would change the beginning a bit… My apologies!

It has been a good week. The week has been both long and short – I suppose it depends on how you’re asking, professionally or personally. Regardless, it’s the weekend! To be honest, my weekend started early. My eldest took a mental health day Friday, so I sort of did as well… Still, we spent some much needed mommy/daughter time together – once she finally decided to wake up.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

I realized about myself, I am a firm believer in the power of God, prayer, and food. Between watching movies, and our chats, I think I overwhelmed my poor gal. Would you like something to snack on? Cookies? Fruit? Tea? Coffee? I’ll make you coffee just this once.

There is just something therapeutic about the power of a good cup of tea or coffee, and food. I mean, sure, you can have a conversation without any of those things, but aren’t conversations, of any kind, much more comforting and warm, with tea/coffee and fruit/cookies/muffins? Maybe it’s me and the fact that I enjoy eating, and outside of prayer, food just adds the right touch to any situation. Not sure when I became like this? But, I like it.

“Snack time heals all wounds.” – Bridget Winegar

I was at a friend’s house just the other day, we were eating cookies, she was drinking tea, I was actually drinking water, don’t ask. In any case, we began talking about some challenging moments in our lives. As the tears came, she sipped her tea a little slower, I took more sips of my water… Not sure which of us finished off the last of the cookies, because somehow, they were just gone. Typically, I am the too stressed to eat type. But lately, I’ve been the, I’m stressed give me food type.

“I’ll know the one for me, because she’ll always have bacon in her fridge if I check, and not the same pack.” – A friend

I thought his logic was rather odd. Then I tried bacon and sort of understood, being a foodie after all. I don’t keep bacon on hand, however. I think it’s been said, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I find that statement not entirely true – it’s definitely the way to this woman’s heart too. So, I think it works both ways, because I love food. I love talking about food, eating food, cooking food. As for me, bacon or no bacon, speak my language – God, sports, food.

But sometimes food attacks!

So, recently, I discovered chocolate. I have not always been a fan. There’s a story behind it… In any case, I love chocolate! I love chocolate a little too much… I tried it, loved it, overindulged in it. It was good to taste. Tricked me into thinking it was okay to continue to indulge to my heart’s content. Not thinking anything would go wrong. Then, one day I checked my weight. Another I looked at my face. I had to admit to myself that yes, perhaps I am a little vain. My face bore blemishes, as though I were 13 again. TBH, I didn’t even breakout like this as a teen! (Probably because I didn’t eat chocolate.) Yes, the struggle is real! How can something that tastes so good, do such terrible things?!

On the road to recovery…

I’m no stranger to giving up completely, or moderating foodstuffs for my health. Until I can get my face/skin/weight in check, I am going to give up chocolate and ease back into eating it, in moderation. As if I can… I can… I still communicate best with a side of food. As I told my daughter, that’s why it’s called “comfort food” – food makes any situation better. Now I need to go back and add *in moderation*.

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