Snowed In

I had to ask myself: Snow Day or Hurricane Day? I decided that Snow Days are superior to Hurricane Days. You can go outside and play in the snow. You don’t have to be trapped inside wondering why you purchased a home in this wretched state where it snows when you could have gone home and taken your chances with the hurricanes?! All because work is closed, thank God, and you’re afraid to drive in the ice, because your car slipped just driving the kids to the school bus stop this morning! Hurricane Days, you’re stuck inside by default – memories.

Now, you are all caught up with paperwork and should get ahead for school. They say more snow is coming this weekend – you know what that means, don’t you? More time, stuck in this house, which you profess to love. Should have gone to San Diego, who knew we’d get all this snow?

Growing up in Florida, all I wanted was to see snow. Now that I have seen it, well, it’s nice enough, it can go away now. No one tells you about the ice, or how snow freezes over. Snow would be fine, if I didn’t have to drive in it. Even better if it weren’t so cold. I’m sounding like a pessimist. I like it, I do. It’s just, I feel snowed in. I should probably overcome my fear of slipping and sliding on the ice. Others can drive… It can’t be that bad… I think I just found my biggest fear.

In any case, I know a certain someone who absolutely loves the snow! I mean, she cries to go out, hates to come back inside! You’d think I was causing harm just for calling her name when it’s time to come inside! As if you weren’t just out there for like an hour! Since everything else is done, I think it’s time for my gal and I to go out in the snow and play!

*Original Photo – taken yesterday

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