“I only regret the chances I didn’t take when I had the opportunity to take them.” I don’t know who said this but they were clever. Or were they?

I like to tell myself that I have no regrets in this life of mine. But then again, not really. I do not feel as though I am missing out on anything, nor have I caught myself wondering what if – or have I?

You know what I have found myself saying? Man, I wish I had a do-over! How about a delete? Some moments aren’t even worth trying to salvage by redoing, I would rather eradicate them from ever being. Not out of regret. Out of – huh, no, I was wrong, that’s definitely regret.

So, as I am coming to terms with, yes I do have regrets, one became blazingly apparent to me. I regret not saying the words that were at tip of my tongue when I had the opportunity to say them. Sometimes we get a golden opportunity that comes around only once in a lifetime… How did I let it slip past me? I tell myself it wasn’t the right time, it wasn’t meant to be – yeah, every excuse in the book! Still, I’m stuck wondering, if I had said – ?

What if I said what was on the tip of my tongue? What if I had said those words? Would things be different today? I was once a gal who feared nothing. I didn’t think before I spoke. Half the time, the words flew out of my mouth before my mind had a chance to process them… Often, I sit and wonder, what happened to me? Surely, there’s a “happy medium.”

Still, I have to trust that my silence in that very moment was all for a reason. I am where I am for a reason. Things are as they are for a purpose. Reflecting, I have no real regretsJust the occasional question of: maybe? 

*Original Photo taken and edited by my lovely daughter, before the snow covered everything*


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