Personally Speaking

So there I was in class and somehow we got on the topic of “relationships,” “resiliency,” “self-fulfilling prophecies.” I must admit, I had a lot on my mind, so I was sort of engaged, mostly checked out. I mean who wants to discuss relationships when it gets personal? Because, it got personal. I was forced, of my own volition, to re-engage when the professor stated, The person we date is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

Do tell – wait, don’t say anymore – looking back at my last big relationship… How can I not admit that it makes complete sense?! Hadn’t I heard this before? Well, yes, but this time I had to face it is as fact. What did that say about me? What did that say about him? All I know is that my greatest lessons came from that relationship, the value of self worth. Discovering my worth and learning to love myself were the best things I ever did for myself. Of course I could not have done them alone. It took introspection, prayer, intermingled with tears. Thankfully, I had friends and family to guide me through my most challenging moments.

A good relationship is where two people boost each other up.

Despite the past and the failed relationships, one thing I know to be true is there is such a thing as a good relationship. I know this because I have a good relationship with God, my friendships are thriving, and I see good relationships between husbands and wives patterned before me. Unlike the old myth “opposites attract,” when it comes to relationships – friendships even – we are drawn to that which is similar/familiar. In the rare cases of opposites attracting, there is a need that one, or both, parties is seeking to fulfill. How long do those relationships last? I’m no relationship guru. My relationship expertise to date consists of the friendships I have… Perhaps I am learning a bit from school and the relationships I observe around me – and don’t we all learn a thing or two from our past relationships, when we are introspective as well as objective? But, to have a good relationship and/or friendship both individuals should most definitely bring out the best in one another.

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