Authentic Love

Your car is following me.

He was sort of correct. My car was sort of following his car. Not necessarily on purpose. Although, I guiltily watched what he was doing with such a keen interest, not just today, but last week also… I didn’t think he saw me. I was wrong, as I usually am…

He and his wife were passing out bags of food to all the homeless they encountered on the streets. Not only passing them out, but he was having conversations with them. Now, that is a person who is truly doing God’s work, I thought to myself. Last week, I hurried to church, so busy. I was “late.” Leaders must get there at a certain time. I was barely going to make it and still had some cosmetic things to do… Vanity, vanity, vanity… He didn’t arrive until just before church began. Wow, they are definitely going to heaven, I thought.

I forgot about the food bags over the course of the week… That is, until today. Then, I wondered, what is it I can do, or what is it I already do to share God’s authentic love? We all have our own ways to reach people and to do God’s work. One thing I believe is important, no matter what or how, is that we do it with a spirit of authentic love.

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