“Give me flowers while I’m alive.”

I never understood that quote, until someone explained it to me. Then, I understood that quote. In truth, I had never heard that quote until the person who explained to me that quote said it to me. #becauselife

That quote now makes so much sense to me, “Give me flowers while I’m alive.” It isn’t just the tangible flowers, but also words of praise… I happen to love flowers – the tangible kind. I love to give these as gifts. I’m guilty of giving flowers as a gift to someone and to myself as well!

My ex-husband and his wife are sometimes my favorite people in the world. This may sound petty, but I have never told them that to their face. Maybe I should? I suppose I don’t know what they would think, but shouldn’t I, “Give them flowers while they’re alive?”

I often use the excuse, “I’m terrible with words.” And, for the most part, this is true. There are some people my words just don’t seem to get through. Or maybe their words just don’t make sense? Leaving me super confused! So, sorry, no flowers for you! (Kidding)

I made a promise to myself, to put my best foot forward. Why wait until it’s too late? I haven’t lived a life of regret. Don’t we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the words we didn’t say? With God, of course, to guide me, I can’t walk by my own will but His, I believe everything will turn out alright. So, I’ll be better at giving flowers to others and especially myself!

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  1. Well I choose to give you a portion of your flowers today Jessy. You are a beautiful example of a loving mother and a strong black woman. Heck, a strong young woman period! You bring light in a room of darkness and I am Godly proud of you. Continue to explore who you are and enjoying life. God continue to be your guide!

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  2. As someone who has lost a dear friend, I say indeed, give them flowers while they’re alive. Pick up that phone and call, text, visit, attend their birthday parties…
    I had to take a flight to attend the funeral, and I wished more than anything else that I was going to visit her, alive.


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