Nothing Lasts

“Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever. Finally, comes to realize that nothing really belongs to them… It’s best to live as if today were the first (or last) day of my life.” Paolo Coelho

In my life I have come to realize that nothing lasts forever. Feelings don’t remain the same – whether good, bad, or loving. No one can truly stay angry for that long. Crushes fade away with time. Even if he/she physically stays, it takes work to stay, because emotions change. Nothing lasts forever.

I lost loved ones. I lost friends. I lost unborn children. I lost relationships. All because, Nothing lasts forever. “Protect your joy at all costs,” someone said to me, when it seemed I too lost that. But, even that didn’t stay lost forever. My pain didn’t last forever, as I thought it would. Eventually I found peace again. I have even learned to love again. Nothing lasts forever.

Learning to live again, the best life, as if today were the first day – or the last day of my life. Now this has proven a bit more of a challenge. Knowing that even this life will not last forever, still I live as though I have forever. I live like I have all the time in the world. I put off for tomorrow, but what if tomorrow never comes? I don’t want to have regrets. Nothing lasts forever…

As I strive to live each day as though it is the first and the last, I know that in God, I have found joy that truly lasts. It’s in Him that I too have found hope for tomorrow, come what may. In my Savior is life everlasting, I know this to be true. I have found something that lasts, not just for me, but also for you. Even if this world fades away, His love reaches out for us, never-ending, never-failing, always constant. His love remains the same.

*Photo taken by MB*


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