Okay, the level of ick at my home has not reached quarantine. However, I wish to contain it. This season has been tough on our blended family. My son and I were just getting over being sick, back to school and work – made it a full week! My voice was finally returning. Outlook -> bright!

Then, Sunday rolls around. My kid’s stepbrother has a dangerously high fever. Their stepsister has body aches and a sore throat, no fever – so does my youngest. Oh no! I see my son and daughter at church. She is bright as sunshine, I feel cautiously optimistic. “Mommy, do you have cough drops? Aiden is coughy.Of course I do, I have everything in the purse that sits in the car for Sundays. I see my son. Oh no, why didn’t he stay home too? He’s more than coughy. He’s ill.

Luckily, Dad lets me know that he’s staying home Monday. I leave the two sick kiddos at Dad’s and bring the well child home. I feel awful and thankful. (It’s the first time Dad stayed home with the kids.)

There are times when I seem to lose all sense and sensibility when my kids are ill. However, I have had a calm this time. I just want to take care of them, get them well. No time for me to lose my mind. My eldest daughter surprised me by saying, “It’s so good that you have a medical background and know how to take care of us when we are sick.” Contain the tears Jess! She’s growing up and maturing, this future RN of mine. So, I don’t make eye contact, she just might see the tears threatening to fall, instead I play it as cool as I can, “Yeah, I guess you’re right, I never thought of it that way, thanks!”

It’s funny how kids can be so perceptive and say just the right thing, at just the right moment. When she made that statement to me, I was sitting on the floor, watching my two sick kiddos, who were laying on the couch, and wondering, What else should I be doing? What am I missing? God, let them be okay! I hadn’t realized that she was watching me, as she so often does. I’m glad that I appeared to know exactly what to do. Her confidence in me increased my own confidence. I gave her a reassuring smile. “Can I take a picture of you just like that?” Oh the pressure! “Like what?” “The way you just were – like that!” I have no idea – “Sure. Make me look pretty,” I try to tease. “You’re always pretty.” *Tears* this girl! I don’t protest as I’m keen to do. I just let her snap the picture. I didn’t even ask to see the picture. I sit a few more beats, then get the kids to bed.

*Original Photo by MB*


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