Y’all know something I don’t know? I was genuinely curious after the declaration they had made. In unison they all responded, Faith.

Faith. The Bible defines it as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. The dictionary defines it as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. 

I thought I knew a thing or three about faith. But, when I heard them proclaim so confidently, not what they hoped God would do, but what they knew He was going to do in my life – I realized I still had some learning to do. I couldn’t believe the measure of their faith. Sure, I had heard them countless times before, express their desires for their own lives… Had I only discounted these as hopes, dreams… Limiting God, placing Him in a box, as if there is a limit to what He can do? 

And, don’t we need just a measure of faith, the size of mustard seed? Sometimes I wonder if I have even that – in some of my circumstances… If I did, I wouldn’t lean to my own understandings… I also wouldn’t be so stressed. I would have no worry for what today or tomorrow would bring… Faith would have me let go, and know He’s in control.

The future has already arrived. William Gibson
Not yet… The timing isn’t right. My most favorite lines, no matter the topic, it’s never the right time for me. Interesting how we can wait our entire lives for the “right moment.” We can make every excuse in the book. We can live our entire existence trying to get it right. All the while, never realizing time is passing us by. Sometimes it is faith we need to walk through that open door. Sometimes it is the faith we lack that prevents us from seeing what’s right in front of us. I’m working now on building my faith, even if only to a mustard seed…

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  1. I was waiting to read what ‘they’ had proclaim they knew for your life! Smile. Whatever it was I am confident it was good because I know God has only prosperous plans for you. It is evident.

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