Stop and –

We want you to think long and hard about this before you make a decision.

Have you ever heard those words? Or something to that effect? I’m not sure that I am a long and hard thinker, to be quite honest. I typically have my mind made up fairly soon. I usually know: no, not doing that; sure, I’ll give it try; YES, count me in!But sometimes, aren’t we forced to stop and think – no, sometimes, aren’t we forced to stop and pray on it?

For some reason, I stopped, was it voluntarily or involuntarily, and prayed on it. So often I like to think that I know what’s best for myself. Why wouldn’t I, I’m living this life after all? But when I’m of that mindset I find, I leave out the most important part of my life – God. I make mistakes, following my will, not His. So, I stopped, I prayed on it, then left it in His hands.

*Photo taken by MB.. I told her, I like the sunset, just not driving into it. Back in the day cowboys used to ride off into to the sunset… She wasn’t amused. She was trying to sing along to the music in the car, oops!


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