Addicted to Love

Always this ridiculous obsession with love! Moulin Rouge

Topic of the hour: LOVE. Well, sort of, more like dating. Where shall I begin? Ah, I know. I can begin with, I do not like being set up with Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Maybe, Mr. Right Now, or any Misters in between.

I have been asked the question, I don’t know how many times: Do you like him? How could I possibly answer that question? I can’t like or dislike someone I don’t know. For me, it’s more than looks, more than what I hear secondhand about a person. Right? And, am I not able to take my time, let God be in control, to govern my life? Why don’t people hear this as a response?

Also, I’m truly blessed with a wonderful life! I’m living my best life right now! If I’m not looking, why are others in my life looking for me?

Besides, I live in the Pacific Northwest, but I’m still a southern gal at heart. The way the dating game happens up here, is not at all for me. I am rather content with my life as it is. I have plans for the future. I have hopes and dreams! So far, with God, I’m well on my way to realizing those things.

I just need the strength to tell friends of mine, to stop wasting their time in a way they will understand. Their creepy addiction to finding a love for me is starting to become rather exhausting!

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