Sometimes, we have to learn how to rest. This can sometimes be difficult for me, when I consider all of the things on my plate. I have so many responsibilities. It’s like if I don’t do a, b, c… I’ll let someone (or myself) down. How can I ever find the time to rest?

It’s good to rest the body but also to shut the mind down for a bit. Anthony Joshua

Everything inside of me seemed to scream that it was time for me to rest. So I did. It started out as one of the most challenging things I had ever made myself do. However, it turned into one of the best things I knew I had to do. It was not only welcome, but necessary. I knew that I needed to at least slow down, for personal reasons. I needed to address some health issues. I’m glad that I did. You never realize, when you’re always on the go, how much you neglect you. I also needed some time for myself – time to do nothing, time to get things together, time to reassess… You never realize how much you can accomplish, when you decide to take a rest from your normal activities.

I feel as though I am thinking a little clearer. I can analyze some situations with more clarity – after taking a rest, I can see the full picture. I can say, Yes, to this, and No, to that. In fact, I did say, No, to some things, and it felt great. I’m rested now and it feels so good to be back!

*Original Selfie – taken while not feeling so great, but I always try to put on a brave face 😊


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