April Fools

“Mommy, is April Fools Day just a day or the whole month?”

I contemplated how to answer that question. In our home, the kids typically are on guard for the full month – their mom can be quite the prankster. I decided to answer her honestly. Technically, April 1st is April Fools Day, I just like to prank throughout the month. Much to my surprise, a huge grin spread across her face, I like the whole month too!

Do tell little one, are we planning something good? I didn’t dare ask. I’d rather be “fooled.”

This year, I hate to admit, April 1st crept up on me. I haven’t a prank in my mind! Which is obviously not like me at all! I’ve had some really good ones in years past… You’d think the older they get, the easier it would become, the more liberty I have to prank them… That much is true. But, they have come to expect a prank. With three against one, well, I don’t know just what I am going to do.

For their sakes, when they “get me,” I hope they “get me” really good. As for me, well, I have some planning to do!

Feel free to share/give ideas in the comments ☀️🌸😊

*Original Photo – We’re bound to be actresses one day! (My hand is the bird thing, hahaha)

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