This is a silly memory. But, I remember walking through the mall with a group of friends and the males in the group saying, “Distraction,” – No, not just saying, also pointing at whomever/whatever earned the right to be labeled a “Distraction.” Me, being, well, me, was so embarrassed! I mean the looks we got! One guy was ready to fight one dear friend of mine. Luckily, he could talk himself into and out of any situation. I both loved and hated going in public with them. But, friends with cars at youth events…

“You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one.” Tom Kite

Sometimes, I wish things were as simple. I could just point out what was distracting me. Can you imagine, me walking around – DISTRACTION! DISTRACTION! Pointing at this and that? But, what if the distractions are internal? Like, the thoughts in my head? I am ever so guilty of this! What if the distractions are others, when they catch you off guard and leave you in a tizzy – I know, I know, we can only control our reactions. I need to allow myself time to think, time to process, then move on, so things don’t continue to overwhelm and distract me.

I cannot blame any one thing, or person, or source for distracting me. Usually, I am able to recognize the distractions for what they are rather quickly.. Other times, it isn’t always immediately apparent, and it takes coming back to myself to figure it out… Luckily, the space in between doesn’t take as long… I don’t believe. 

“Is my attention being held by something sacred or something secret?” Lysa Terkeust

I often have to come to a place where I must turn down the noise. This can be internally or externally. I like to tell myself that I’m not so easily distracted, but who am I kidding? When distractions are everywhere and my schedule remains so packed. I have to be intentional about where I direct my attention.

I heard, or read somewhere that what you think about before you go to bed will impact your thoughts and mood the next morning. So, I had to take pause to think, what are my last thoughts before falling asleep? What are my first thoughts as I awake? How am I sleeping? How is my mood?

It’s probably no surprise to you for me to say that I have been fighting not be distracted. Even after my rest, I nearly allowed myself to become distracted. In fact, I feel as though the distractions kicked it up ten notches! My simple, quiet, little life suddenly is not so…

It is a battle of the mind – a battle of my will… I get rid of one distraction and another one comes… When you solely desire to be in God’s will, solely desire His will for your life, so many distractions come. Some may sound appealing. Some may look appealing. But to truly stay rooted in His Word and wait for His promises… Well, there’s the task!

Weeding out the distractions and directing my attention to the promise.

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  1. Weeding out the distractions and directing my attention to the promise……I must say that this statement of will and desire is one of the most important thing one can strive for and master in this life time. It is a task that must be intentional and consistent. If you get off track by distraction…get right back on track as soon as you realize it. The important thing here is that you do recognize this is of value. The old folk use to say ‘this is a tedious journey.’ Jessy you will continue to be successful in life with this type set of mind. Both naturally and spiritually.

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    1. Thank you so much for your wisdom and encouragement. I know what my promise is and I want that more than anything! So, yes, I’m doing my best to keep my attention on that and not on the distractions that come so easily… This is definitely a “tedious journey.”


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