Beautifully Blended

It would take too long to explain how we’re all technically related, but it only takes one word to sum it up – family.

Most people don’t get it and when we try to explain it, sometimes it leaves them even more confused. How my ex-husband and his wife are friends with her ex-husband and his wife and all are friends with me. Then the children… None of the current spouses have children. But between the exes, we have 5. The two eldest girls will be 14 this year and are best friends. Then there’s my son, then my ex-husband’s wife’s (she and I are the only two with children – I suppose you gathered that) son, then my youngest daughter. What’s cool is, the youngest two, her son and my youngest daughter share a birthday! So, we celebrate together. And, yes, believe it or not, all the kids get along! Always have. There’s nothing but love!

I’m not a stepmom by marriage, but divorce added two awesome kiddos to my life.

I’m not sure how my kiddos’ stepbrother and stepsister came to mean so much to me, but I love those kids as though they were my own! I look forward to seeing them, for the hugs, to hear the stories about their day, and what’s going on with them. Who knew that divorce would add kids to my life like this? What can I say, we’re a beautifully blended family! I had all the kids at my home, not too long ago, while the couples went out on a marriage retreat, one suggested, “We need to do this more often.” Yeah, sure, of course. Except, I’m not technically a part of you guys’ parenting plan… I didn’t say that… Then, it dawned on me, I’m not really a part of their parenting plan. I suppose I am more like the “fun aunt” who’s always there, cheering them on from the sidelines.

Divorce is not a pretty thing. I don’t wish it on anyone! I am grateful that in my case, we all found a way to love.

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