This Quiet is too Loud

Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight. And she’ll be gone” Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman

It’s beginning to hit me – my kiddos are growing up. And, believe me when I say, I’m so very proud of them! They are blossoming into beautiful humans, both inside and out! I love everything about them, especially the things they seem to hate. One day, they’ll learn that those are their greatest strengths… As I watch them grow and find their voices, their confidence, their own witty humor… I admit, they keep me so young at heart! I don’t regret turning down plans with this person or that group, to spend time with my three most favorite people in this world.

As life would have it, I am faced each day with the reality that they are growing up. Which means, one day they may move away… My eldest speaks of college on the other side of the state, “They are the only school with a CRNA Program.” I will my mouth not to beg her to stay, as I give her a supportive smile. Are we really talking about college already? No one prepares you for this… Sending your child away… The next two are so soon to follow. With plans of college – my son anyway.

Suddenly, the midweek dinners and weekends at Daddy’s have become extremely difficult. This quiet in my home is amplified. Makes me wonder, how anyone lives alone? This house is too big. Already I’m wanting to downsize. Of course, that’s just nonsense right now, but I think of the day the kids are all gone and this quiet is left waiting to overwhelm me.

For now, I will just live in the moment. Soak up every detail, every moment that I have with them. Sometimes, it takes the little things to remind me to live and enjoy this life I’m living. Today, while the kids are off having dinner with Daddy, it’s this quiet.

The quiet is too loud.

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