Oh Mother

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. For me, I must say, it was the best Mother’s Day yet! It wasn’t my weekend with the kids originally. However, I messaged their dad that I would like the full weekend and he agreed. Between homework, still not fully complete, we packed our weekend with activities. And, my Mother’s Day, was so special! My son asked before going to bed, I hope I made you feel like the best mom ever? Yeah ya did! I hope I made you all feel like the best kids ever! You did. He was joined by his older sister at this point, who agreed. *Sigh* Brings tears to my eyes that somehow I have such amazing children as these!

We went to church today, as we do every Sunday… I am on the cusp, wondering if I will attend another Mother’s Day Service… Mother’s Day is one of the most difficult days for many women – for a host of reasons: their mother is no longer here, their child is no longer here, miscarriage, estranged from their mother/child, fertility problems, never having been a mother… As a friend told me in a conversation, “I don’t know what it’s like at your church, but I always feel like less of a woman for not being married or having kids. What’s it like not being married and having kids?” At the time, seeing through my rose-tinted glasses per usual, I thought, What does she mean? But answered, “It’s okay, I guess. I haven’t really paid attention.” But, I had forgotten about Mother’s Day.

“For those of us who are blessed with a husband, we need to thank God! Because there are some ladies in here who don’t have husbands. For those of us who have husbands, we are blessed!Did she really say that? I couldn’t believe my ears. Huh? It is as if I’m less than because I don’t have a husband… I know that this is not true. I am blessed – I dare say, more so. But, my friend was right, this is the mentality…

When I awoke Mother’s Day morning, even after such a great weekend, I dreaded sending obligatory “Happy Mother’s Day” text messages. I just didn’t want to this year! But then, a thought occurred to me and I sent the obligatory and messages I wanted to send… If I did not send the obligatory messages, they might not receive any messages at all. They want to be acknowledged – what mother did not wish to be acknowledged on Mother’s Day? Hadn’t I been there before? Isn’t this a contributing factor for why this day is so hard for women?

I can’t help but think of Hannah on Mother’s Day. Her husband loved her! He asked, “Isn’t my love enough?” However, she longed to be a mother. Even as a mother, we long for acknowledgement. Motherhood is the fulfillment of our womanhood somehow. It’s like, I did what I was supposed to do, acknowledge me! See me! I’ll wait… Sometimes, we end up in pain, waiting. The very ones we hope sees us never see us. If only we would give it all to God… And allow Him to become our everything.

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  1. Thanks for your post. As usual, it made me think. I am truly blessed because I have a wonderful husband, four children and twelve grandchildren. But I never have felt that those in different circumstances are any less because they are different. Mothers need to be praised because in our society being a mother doesn’t seem to be enough. Everyone expects you to do more, and being a mother is actually a full time job in itself. and the most important job a woman can have.

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  2. Mother’s Day is definitely experienced very differently depending on the person. Thanks for your willingness to address that hard truth. Grace and peace to you.

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