Don’t Miss It

Sometimes you find yourself in a place where everything just makes sense. Things just seem to fall into place and you realize what you were searching for, well was either right in front of your face – or you had it all along.


Other times, you have to wait. Pump the brakes. Pull out a pause. Or come to a full stop. Because the route you were on, the road you were taking, was completely wrong!

Speaking from experience.

I have found that life is chock full of transitions. Sure, my resume boasts that I am “adaptable.” But, am I? Am I? In this walk with God, I have found that I have no other choice but to be! I was chatting with my kiddos this morning, as I do every morning, and I shared the thought, “God walks slowly, yet moves swiftly.” 

How many can relate? 

It may sometimes feel like we wait and wait and wait. And wait some more, for prayers to be answered, promises to be made manifest, but once we reach that pivotal point, when we are right where we are supposed to be, and now is the time, well, you had better be ready or you’ll miss it!


I used to abhor the waiting… Until recently, when I think I figured it out. In the midst of the waiting, God had some work to do – on me. He needed to work some things out of me, into me. He even needed to work on some situations around me! After each area was worked on, I was like, “Okay, now?” Nope. “Now?” Not yet. “How about now?” Until I finally stopped asking. I realized, in the midst of the waiting, He didn’t have to put in all the work, there were things I could also do. Waiting, isn’t half bad, when you’re busy working/serving Him too…

But wait, there’s more!

What happens when you reach the place when your waiting is done? Have you become so comfortable in the “Be Still” that when it’s time to move/act you are frozen, or don’t know how? You question, “Is that really You, God, I remember You telling me to ‘Be Still’?” But, “faith without works is dead.” At least, that’s what my Bible says. There comes a time when we must act. I don’t know if it’s meeting God halfway, 20-80/80-20, 25-75, 60-40? But, I think of Hannah and her desire for a son, how she went to the temple annually to pray. She made a vow which she kept, to give back that son to God. I think of the woman with the blood issue, who pressed her way to Jesus. Just one touch of his garment and she was healed, made whole after years of suffering her infirmity.

There comes a time when we must move, or else we’ll likely miss something great happening in our lives. 

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