Why is it always sink or swim? Does everyone forget the option to float?

Growing up in the Sunshine State where nearly every home has an in-ground swimming pool, we were no different.. So, I knew how to swim. Summer days, when school was out, I lived in the pool – practically sun up to sun down. Who needed the 20 minutes after a meal? Not this gal!

One thing I never learned to do, in all those years was float! I never trusted the water to hold my body weight. I tried to think light thoughts or nothing at all. Nope. I would just sink. So instead, I would pretend to float, tire myself out, while laying on my back and paddling my arms and legs, “floating.”

Life is like this sometimes. We think we can just fake it ’til we make it. I don’t know who came up with that phrase, but we are not friends, haha. News flash: there’s no such option as faking it until you make it! I apologize for all of the bubbles I may have just burst. But, please allow me to follow up with this: You can make it! No need to fake it (hah, I rhymed).

I think about the time the disciples were in the boat with Jesus. He was sleeping peacefully even when the storms blew in. They panicked! They thought they were going to die! The storm and waters were raging! So, they woke the Master. He challenged their faith, before commanding peace. (Can be read in Luke 8:23-25)

I don’t know about anyone else, but that speaks volumes to me! Do I have the faith to ride out the storm, because Jesus is in the boat with me?

My family used to go canoeing down the Alafia River every summer, a nice 6-hour day, no big deal unless you encountered alligators, especially during spring when they had given birth! (We never did, thank God! They were known to flip kayaks and canoes.) So, I can picture floating along peaceful, still waters. I even know what the currents are like, they can get a little rough, you have to paddle harder to get through. But a storm and raging waters, literally, in a tiny boat? Well, faith… Yes, when life is tossing you to and fro, and you are doing your best not to capsize… Faith. Why, it’s in those moments, we need to call on our Savior, surely He’s right there, floating along with us in our boat/canoe… So, why are we concerned?

Today, I’ll choose to trust Him. His hands are big enough to carry me. Sink or swim? Nah, I’ve learned to float, with God in my life, I’m much lighter now than I have ever been.

*Image by KayBee05


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