I Wish I Had Said…

Does anyone want to say anything about their father, husband?

My heart was pounding. I wanted to give honor where honor was due. I wanted to be brave enough to stand up and say something… In the end, however, I remained silent.

I wish I had said how proud I am of the man I have seen the father of my children become. I have seen so much growth in him. He has always been a good father, however I see him truly becoming a loving father.

Living with the kids, I have a tough time when they are away from me on weeknights/weekends. So I can only imagine what it feels like to not have them in them home and watch them grow each and every day. It takes a special strength to endure that. He reaches out to the kids multiple times a day, whether they respond or not, constantly trying to maintain a relationship. These are the things they will remember when they are older.

I see compassion where there had been none. I see love in the place of hurt. The kids have an amazing father. I am grateful for that.

*Original Photo (oldie but a goodie)

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