I am usually not the “uncomfortable” type. I tend to go anywhere and hold my head up high. I have to, I am setting an example for my children. However, I have found myself in a few uncomfortable situations this past weekend. What was supposed to be a wonderful weekend getaway, and it was, had moments of discomfort.

Why are you speaking to me so combatively and looking at me as though I don’t belong? We can all sit at the table.

I dare not say those words. Already I hate to be the center of attention and the louder he spoke to me, the more they all stared, the smaller I felt. I just wanted to run. I tried to apologize, for – ? To calm the situation? It didn’t matter. With his mind made up and everyone staring. What more was there to do? I chose silence. My head held high, I took a deep breath, asked my kids if they were okay, and we continued on with our meal. I had paid to be there, just as they had. We belonged. Still with all the stares, I pretended not to notice, I felt uncomfortable.

It was just a bad moment…

I admit, I went back to the hotel room, closed myself in the bathroom and cried, but only for a minute. I took a deep breath, washed my face and continued on.

Several hours later, my daughter asked me a question, that really made me think about the different interactions we had on the other side of our state, also reminding me of life in the southeast… My conclusion: There are those who fear what they do not understand and refuse to ever get to know/understand. Rather than trying to gain knowledge or understanding, it’s better for them to assert a sense of dominance or power, by way of belittling, yelling, posturing… Even if not necessary.

I hope I responded with love. I hope I showed that people from all cultural backgrounds can sit down together and have a nice meal. It was a bad moment, but it didn’t ruin our day☀️

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  1. I am so sorry that this happened to you and your family. There are always going to be ignorant people out there. Hopefully, there will be less and less of them. We are all children of God. Jesus died for all of us, not just a select few. I hope you have many better days and fewer like that one!

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    1. Thank you. And you know, with hindsight being 20/20… We never know what interactions could have occurred in his past to have caused him to react in such a way towards me and my family. I pray I was able to show the love of God. For as uncomfortable as I was, I now realize that I was not the only one…

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    1. Hi Bushra! I am well. How are you? Busy can be a good thing.. I hope you find time to rest. I don’t post so often these days either. Life is busy here too. But, I am well. I have been content ☀️🌸


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