One Step

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu

Sometimes we have only to take that first step. What keeps us from taking that step? Doubt or a lack of faith? They aren’t necessarily synonymous. Fear? What propels us to take the first step? Faith, adventure, trust? I can come up with a plethora of options…

One step is all we need often to get started. One step to move us along our way. However, we get stuck, unable to move. Frozen. Fear grips us. Maybe it’s doubt or circumstances? Everyone is different, each situation is different. But, there is always something, especially if we want it, that will prevent us from taking that step.

I work with families who have children ages birth-3 with some prenatal moms sprinkled in there occasionally. So, I have the pleasure of seeing little ones begin to crawl, stand, take their first steps, and take off! If I miss these milestones, parents often send me the videos on my work cell, or show me the videos on our next visit. I have learned a lot about the process from these little ones. As well as how similar, yet different, we all are.

Having three kiddos of the same age, just days apart. I had a silent competition of who I thought would walk first. Based off of who crawled, stood first, began cruising furniture… Textbook answer, it seemed like a no brainer. I was wrong! Confidence. Determination. Motivation. Key ingredients. Sometimes, we reach a certain level, plateau and we are content to dwell there for a while.

Why walk when you can crawl?

Sometimes taking that first step is the scariest thing ever! I mean what if you fall? Yes, what if you fall? What we have to learn/teach: Falling down is not the problem. It only becomes a problem if you choose to stay down.

I’m not a marriage and family therapist, nor am I in a relationship. However, there are times in my work with families that I have come to find that “issues” in a relationship can be resolved with a conversation. For this to happen, one or both, parties must be willing to take one step. Too often no one wants to be the first to open their mouths and speak. Whether to apologize, admit their fault or even say that they are hurting. Instead, emotions get bottled up inside, misunderstandings ensue, arguments take place, and everyone is left hurting, wondering, fearing.. Just my observations as an outsider looking in. I think if both took a step toward one another, they would find themselves together.

I’m guilty of reaching the point of “standing” and reverting back to “crawling,” not willing to take a “step” in some areas of my life. Other areas, try and stop me! It’s like I went from “crawling” to “running” and still haven’t stopped to take a break! I should probably balance out sooner or later. But where I am right now, it seems as though it is time to take a step… Just one step… With Christ going before me, it’s bound to turn out just right.

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