“Lies may be similar to wearing makeup. Just like one puts on makeup to hide their naked face, people use lies to hide the truth. More lies are told and makeup is applied thicker.” Age of Youth

I used to hide my face behind makeup. It was the only way I felt “pretty.” Then, I realized the message I was sending my girls. The message I was sending my son. So, I started only “doing my eyes.”

Having a teenage daughter, not yet allowing her to wear makeup, wanting her to see how truly beautiful she is, I gave up wearing it altogether as well, it’s been year. In the beginning, it felt painful. I felt exposed. I felt like a fraud, a hypocrite. I didn’t believe a word of what I had said, about being “beautiful without makeup…” or whatever else came out of my mouth. Because, sure, she is gorgeous, but I was insecure. Needing to hide behind the mask.

As I began to love myself, I began to accept myself – even without the makeup.

My brother and I were talking one day, somewhere in that time. No one knew what I was doing, or why… I also stopped posting pictures. But, he said something to me to that has still stuck to this day: “I prefer a woman with natural beauty. Sure the makeup is nice, but when they take it off, sometimes they look completely different.”

I don’t think I was ever one to do such a drastic change with my makeup, I’m more of a conservative type, however, those words have really stuck with with me. I do my best to be honest at all times… Just not always with myself.

Last night, I opened a box that was sent to me for my birthday. It was filled with lots of makeup goodies! I must admit, I was like a child in a candy store! I did half my face, haha! After such a long time without makeup, it felt really nice!

I’m not ashamed to go out bare faced. Nor am I against putting on makeup. Now that I have discovered my identity. I will no longer wear it as mask. It feels good to finally see the difference. Even if it took a while for me to go through the process of discovering/learning to love me…

*Original Photo (Birthday Box of Goodies)


  1. Love this! I totally relate and went through a similar journey. It’s so freeing to be able to choose to wear it or not and to still feel beautiful. I noticed as I got more real with myself and learned to accept all of me, the appeal of makeup lessened. I still love some lipstick! But I no longer feel like I am only presentable when wearing makeup.

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