“A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere without changing it.” Anonymous

So, there are a few things that I haven’t quite figured out how to do for myself… One of them, put air in my tires. I mean, I’m sure it’s simple – except, today, at the fuel station, I saw a gentleman deflate his tire rather that fill it… And I almost asked him for help!

I’m not even sure if my tires need air in them or if they are fine? How do you even know when too little is too little, or enough is enough, or too much is too much?

Life is like this sometimes. We walk around deflated or full. Maybe we realize that we aren’t quite right, or something is a little bit off. But at what point do we do something about it? Is it when we’re driving around on the rim, or when we have a flat? And I don’t even know what happens when the tires are too full? Is this when they pop? Is that a thing?

Still, on a day like today, as I navigate new things that I discover I do not know. I suppose it’s time to call home and ask my daddy to explain, talk me through the process of tires and things…

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  1. Sometimes when we lack something, all we can see is our inadequacy – in your case it’s not even one, just something you don’t know – but you may perceive it so.

    How OUR FATHER sees it often, because HE looks at us in mere love, HE sees it as a way to make us step out of our “comfort zone” and learn something new or meet someone new.

    Who knows, perhaps GOD is teaching you something?
    Perhaps that you can call on HIM for “these earthly and small and technical matters” as well and that HE even wants you to?

    OR HE lined up your new husband related to this topic and the man HE has ordained for you is waiting “out there” to show up in a moment when you need help with a flat tire and when he can come forth to your rescue as your knight in shining armor…?
    Only GOD knows… may HE bless you!

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    1. I read your comment. Then had to read it again! I definitely view this as a learning experience. By even chancing it to ask someone I didn’t know for assistance would have me stepping out of my comfort zone. I definitely didn’t think about meeting anyone knew, but for sure to learn something knew.

      I love how God takes small things to teach us something about ourselves and also push us outside of our comfort zones. Thanks for stopping by!

      God bless you, sis!

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  2. You might also want to ask how to change a tire. I’ll never forget when I was a teenager, my friend and I tried to change a tire. We jacked the car up and then tried to remove the lug nuts. But the tire just kept spinning. Then we couldn’t figure out how to make the jack go down. These guys were sitting around watching us and laughing at us. Luckily, now I have insurance that covers road hazards so I don’t have to worry about that. But I’ll definitely never forget that day. It’s nice to know how to do something even if you don’t still have to do it.

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