Creepy Crawling Things

So, today was a trying day at best. I try to be brave, usually. I try to remove all the creepy, crawling things humanely. Sometimes, I end up squealing and trying to stifle my screams.

I tell my kids, if there is a bee or wasp, remain calm. Try not to move or scream. That’s when they will sting you.

So, today, when I found myself running out of an office, blowing my cool as a cucumber, nothing scares me persona because a huge spider was on the wall next to my head! I should have known… It maybe wasn’t my day, after all.

Because, when I was sitting outside, working on the computer, and a bee flitted around me… I attempted to remain cool… Until it landed on me. I jumped up. I even screamed. I suppose I deserved it… I sent the text to my kiddos: I’m stung.

Terrified, I know my face showed it. There were not only one, but two roaches making a beeline towards me. I didn’t know what to do. I had only just met her and yet, I nearly jumped onto her couch with both of my feet!

I am afraid that it just was not my day.


  1. I have a wireless headset at the office, and a month ago there was a small spider on it, I determined later, who have the nerve to bite me on the face, which swelled up like I’d been at the dentist. I am much more careful now. I know made creepy crawlies too, but jeez!

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